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Introducing the new REFERENCE SERIES AE3 Mk II - the flagship floorstanding loudspeaker that fuses high technology acoustics with retro aesthetics.

Whilst keeping the character, transparency and dynamics of the AE1 Mk III, the new AE3 provides much increased power handling and bass extension. This has been achieved by making the AE3 a true 3 way speaker in both its drive unit configuration and internal cabinet design.


  • » Diffusore da pavimento
  • » Finitura nero
  • » Installazione su pavimento
  • » Tre vie
  • » Amplificazione massima 250 watt
  • » Impedenza 8 ohm
  • » Sensibilità 905dB
  • » Risposta in frequenza da 42Hz a 20kHz
  • » Magneti schermati
  • » Dimensioni (LxAxP) 185x990x290mm